Many consulting firms offer products and services that they are good at.  K-Struction Consulting, LLC only offers products and services we are experts at.  Companies pay top dollar to consulting firms to help make their dreams a reality.   That is why we only provide products and services that we stand behind 100% and client satisfaction is our top priority.   If our client requires a product or service we do not currently offer, K-Struction Consulting, LLC simply uses one of our many qualified manufactures and/or affiliates that we partner with nationwide and internationally to fulfill that request. 


Our philosophy is client driven: Simple Solutions.  Fast.  

  • Lab Room/Green House Design and Layout 

  • Gas Detection System (U.S. & Canada Listed)

  • Professional Engineer Stamped Drawings 

  • Dry Chemical Fire Protection System 

  • Explosion Proof Exhaust/Intake Fans

  • Explosion Proof Rated Booth LED Lights 

  • Top of the Class Extraction Equipment (through 3rd party partnership)

  • Project Management Services

  • C1D1 Steel Extraction Booth 

  • Security/Card Access/Camera System (Explosion Proof and Standard) 

  • Preliminary Life Safety Site Reports (Local AHJ and Fire Department requirements for Fire Protection Compliance) 

  • Inspection, Test, and Maintenance Programs

  • Special Site/Facility Makeup Request

  • Freelance Fire Protection Estimating and Design Services


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