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K-Struction Consulting, LLC offers clients fire alarm, special hazards, and pre-action detection and controls project estimating utilizing precise bill of material software along with added-on design services on a nationwide basis.  Projects are estimated with the local authority and NFPA regulations in mind.  K-Struction Consulting, LLC only will offer services we are experts at with over two decades of experience. 


Companies pay top dollar for full-time estimators and full-time designers but do not receive full-time billable hours in return.  K-Struction Consulting, LLC allows you to only pay for estimating when you need it with no unbillable hours hitting the bottom-line of your company!  Utilizing K-Struction Consulting, LLC allows you to maintain part-time estimating without the fulltime overhead. 


K-Struction Consulting, LLC top priority is 100% client satisfaction.   If our client requires a product or service we do not currently offer, K-Struction Consulting, LLC simply uses one of our many qualified manufactures and/or affiliates that we partner with nationwide and internationally to fulfill that request. 



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